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At ATD Marketing Your Business is Truly Our Passion! As a small business ourselves we have encountered the same frustrations you have and we have striven to find answers to those frustrations for ourselves as well as our clients.

We all know marketing is the key to success and we all struggle with the cost, the effectiveness and the time required to do it right.

We are constantly trying to upgrade our skills and the skills of our team. It can be hard to find quality training in the essentials of business.

Most of us are business people and not marketers, so our skills in this area can be lacking. On top of that there are so many other aspects of business that seem more important at the moment.

ATD has worked hard to find support and marketing materials that can actually help and not drain the budget of much needed cash.

We can provide you with quality printing, ad specialties, on line services, videos and much more that can help make the daunting task of operating a small business less daunting and more rewarding.

We have several video courses that can help you improve your knowledge of business practices, copy writing, even whole business programs in a box. We want to help you succeed at the business you already own or add to it or even start one from scratch.

Please check out our offerings and we hope you find something of value here and we would be honored to do business with you.

We Help our Clients by Utilizing Unique, Affordable Methods to Increase Their Return On Investment While Making  Them Look Good, Guaranteed!

Your main job, as a business owner is to:
Bring In New Clients/Customers or Patients While Keeping Your Existing Clients/Customers and Patients Engaged and Buying More!

A very BIG job and we would be honored to help!

Attention Restaurant Owners!!!!!

MenuMats can help you as you
re-open and deal with the health
requirements of COVID-19

Put Attractive, Informative Menus on your table. Comply with the one time use requirement many health departments are imposing on resturants as a condition for opening.

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High Quality Video Training for You and Your Staff

Whether it is for your Executive or Sales staff we have high quality video training that can make the difference

Whiteboard Videos

People enjoy watching these drawn before your eyes videos. Put one to work for your business Today!

Monthly Profits

Find out what it really takes to make money on line!

Not only can you use this to enhance your knowledge, you get Full PLR rights and can resell it and keep all the profits!

Get one of my books

How To Dominate Your Local Market…

Online Directory Secrets…

 Our Trip Through the Mountains of Northern Idaho..



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Your Business Is Our Passion!

Business Support and Opportunities

Signature Series Training Videos

High Quality Training Videos for Your Business.

We have Training for your Entrepreneurial Side (Signature Series). Over 20 videos covering topics such as: Cold Calling, e-mail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc. If you want to upgrade your processes and your results there are videos here that can help.

Solid Advice and done in front of your eyes processes that can take a lot of the mystery out of marketing on line.

The Executive Collection

High Quality Training Videos for Your Business.

We have training for your Executive Staff (Executive Collection) 7 High Quality  videos covering topics such as: Leadership, Productivity, Teamwork, Communication, etc. If you want to upgrade your knowledge and your results there are videos here that can help.

Monthly Profits

Monthly Profits combines everything we have learned over the years to provide you with everything you need to make a full time income online, we will continue to deliver Top Quality Content, so we can provide YOU with the best possible service to help your business grow, even if you are starting out from scratch!

Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard videos are effective marketing tools. We have videos for 50 different businesses and we can customize them just for you.

Whiteboard videos get your visitors engaged and that builds trust and that translates into conversions (sales).

The ones you see here are stock, we can make custom ones as well.

Ad Specialties

Ad Specialties are one of the most effective and enduring marketing tools that a business can use to ‘keep their name out there’.

Almost every one of us can look around where we are currently setting and see at least one ad specialty. It might be the calendar hanging on the wall, it might be the pen in our pocket. It might be the cup we drink our coffee out of or the hat we wear.

The point is, these types of items have withstood the test of time. You can employ them knowing the smartest marketing minds on the planet use Ad Specialties.

If you aren’t using these in your business, you might need to consider them. If you do we’d be honored it you would consider allowing us to provide them for you.

Custom Videos

 Sometimes you need custom videos. We can create custom videos for your business, band, whatever you might want a video for.

We can create videos from power point presentations. We can put videos inside of videos. We have over 1,500 music tracks that we can use as well as special effects.

Videos carry a huge impact when viewed on line. They are TV Commercials without the TV Program.

Can’t afford TV? Well, you CAN afford to have video(s) on your web site and Facebook page.

In fact, in today’s electronic marketplace videos are fast becoming a necessity/

Let us make one for you!

Web Works

In today’s electronic marketplace, web presence is not only suggested, it is almost imperative!

Whether is is a basic web site to show your wares and expertise or a order on line site that can enhance your restaurant or hardware store.

Your business must be visible on line or your business will be forgotten. This is extremely important for the small, locally owned business. Your biggest threat these days is NOT Fred down the street, it is the BIG BOX boys and their ability to out market the local guy. (you and me)

People are looking on line before they go, if you are NOT there they will never come.

Printing Services

We can bring our two color offset press to bear on your behalf and print your multi-part forms. We can print post cards, stationery, posters.

We can produce short run color. If you only need 100 brochures we can do that. If you need longer runs of over 1,000 we can do that too.

When stock just doesn’t cut it we can give you custom. We can print you one of the most effective marketing tools available. Scratch Pads!

These little items can keep your business’ namein front of your customers for a long time and are very useful. Let us print some for you!

Business Opportunities

If you are looking for a way to be your own boss. We might have something of value for you.

We can set you up with your own printing business, your own marketing com[any and help you control your own life.

If you think it is time for you to step up and determine what you are worth and then get it, maybe one of these is for you.

All of these require work on your part. But, if you truly want to be in charge of your life you are going to have to work, so don’t let that stop you.

If you like talking to people, especially business owners, you might enjoy one of these. Most can be done from a home office and if you are looking to supplement your income or retirement There just might be a diamond here for you to mine. Check them out. Think them over and if you find yourself interested give me a call @ (217) 474-3971 and let’s talk.

I'm a published author

Check out my three books. One is about How to Dominate Your Local Market in the 21st Century.

The second is about the value of having your web site included in local directory sites.

The third is a pictorial trip with me through the mountains  and rivers of Northern Idaho via Portland, OR.

Special Programs

We have Special Programs designed specifically for certain industries. We work with restaurants a lot and have a couple of programs we use on their behalf or we have programs that we work together on to make it easier for local businesses to market to the community.

We have found that V.I.P. Programs are especially effective for restaurants. It can reward steady customers, build loyalty among all customers and when utilized properly it can even help fill empty seats at those dead times of the day.

We have others and invite you to check them out.

Small Business

“When you buy from a small “mom and pop” business, you are not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home.

You are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, a mom or dad put food on the table, a family pay a mortgage, or a student pay for college.

Our customers are our shareholders,
and THEY are the ones we strive to make happy.

Thank you for supporting