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My passion for local business has driven me to try and help the small business owner move from 20th Century thinking into the 21st Century Marketplace.

This marketplace is dominated with electronic/remote options. Many things not even in existence when many of today’s business owners formed their business plans and models.

It has proven somewhat hard for established businesses to pivot from traditional to new wave. In order to help make that transition a little easier I have penned two books aimed at assisting the transition from brick and mortar to brick and mortar with a bit of on line thrown in.

How to Dominate

My first book is centered on the electronic marketplace and how local business can utilize it to enhance their existing brick and mortar business.

It is basically an overview of the electronic marketplace and how to employ it to a business’ advantage. A primer, if you will.

If you are just starting out on your journey into the electronic marketplace you will find this book valuable in helping you establish a plan.

Whether you need to better understand SEO, web sites, search engines or auto responders this book can help demystify the on line marketplace and how to make it work for you.

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directory secrets

My second book speaks to how to get noticed on line. With literally millions of web sites in almost every niche it can be hard to get local people to find you among the trees.

But utilizing directories you can make it easier for those looking for what you have to find you.

All the big players have some version of a Directory and your business should be listed there. Google, Bing, Yahoo among others have free business listings and most businesses have not taken advantage of them.

It is also valuable to find local Directories to list your business in. Most times, the locally owned business is not really looking for distance selling. They want to sell to those who can drive to them easily and often and a local Directory can be of great value.

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to portland and back

My third book is a little more whimsical. My wife and I took one of our first long vacations (two weeks) in Nov. of 2019. She had a conference n Portland, OR and our first few days were spent in Portland. While there I meandered around the area near our hotel, which wasn’t far from the Columbia River.

This ebook is a pictorial of our trip which included a week in the mountains of northern Idaho, with a bit of narrative thrown in. While on this little trip I took over 300 pictures with my trusty smart phone and I have included many of them in this book for your eyes to feast on.

The mountains and rivers were spectacular, even in November. I hope you enjoy the pictures and the description of out trip. I highly recommend you take a trip to this area and experience the beauty for yourself. But, if you can’t maybe this little book will take you there without leaving home.

By the way, if you find the pictures enjoyable and would like a calendar I can make one for you. Just send me an e-mail and we’ll fix you right up. You will be able to choose your starting month and 13 large pictures and 12 small ones to include on your custom calendar.

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