MenuMat Details

First, I wish to Thank You for Joining Us in the MenuMat Program.

At this point we ask two things of you. First, send us an e-mail Please attach your logo, any other graphics and the information for your menu to it and send it to us.

Second, please fill out the form below and submit it to us as well. When we have your responses we will contact you to make sure we are on the same page and get the process started.

We will provide you with proofs as soon as we think we have it right. We ask that you go over the proofs very carefully to make sure we haven’t misspelled anything, gotten price wrong and that everything on it meets your approval. We WILL NOT PRINT until we have your approval in writing (an e-mail saying it is OK to print will suffice) We do this to protect you and us and avoid any problems after the ink is put on paper. The last thing either of us wants is to print them and then realize your phone number is wrong or that steak is priced wrong. If we have your approval to print and any of that comes up we will fix it, but at your expense. So, we ask you give us a bit of time up front so there is no mess down the road.

Our Continuing MenuMat Program

We understand that if you want to run this program on a continuing basis that it might be a bit tough to pay for 120,000 MenuMats all at once, let alone have the space to store them. So, we have a program that will let you contract for a large quantity fo MenuMats but only pay for them as they are delivered.

Here’s How It Works:

Through our experience we have found that using 120,000 Menumats a year is not out of the ordinary for a moderately busy Family Restaurant. That is 10,000 per month. To pay for and receice shipment of this many MenuMats at one time might be a hardship for many small restaurants.

So, we have designed the Continuing MenuMat Program that allows you to contract for a specific number of MenuMats to be delivered over a one year period. This gives us a steady print and ship program and lets you pay as you go. It works this way:

You contract for 120,000 MenuMats over a year’s time. (the numbe might vary, we’re using 120,000 here as the outside quantity just for demonstration purposes)

That breaks down to 10,000 per month. You pay for the first two months up front. We print the first month;s MenuMats and ship them to you. Two weeks later we print the second month’s MenuMats and ship them. Upon receipt of the second shipment you pay the invoice for the next month’s and we print and ship two weeks later. We repeat this until you have recieved your 12th shipment and we renew for the next year.

There is no interest charged, there are no additional fees to take part in this program. We understand cash flow and are very happy to extend this service to you. It will require a signed contract binding you to the program for one year with penalties for cancellation or breach. We are sure you understand.

If you are interested in this program please check the yes box in the form below and we will get all the details worked out before we start your program.